Docker insecure registry flag

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docker insecure registry flag To do this, you must restart the docker service. Most of the guides for using . They also improve the readability of our Dockerfiles and decrease the size of our images. The autoscale feature was introduced in GitLab Runner 1. But it seems that the docker daemon used by dind in the runner does not have the insecure-registry flag set. Set INSECURE_REGISTRY in the '/etc/docker/default' configuration file. 0 はGoで書きなおされ、以下のような新しい機能も追加されました。. ch/test Jun 25, 2021 · Step 1: Create a container named dind-test with docker:dind image. Apr 13, 2017 · I am using systemd yes… when checking the status I don’t see the --insecure-registry flag so it probably didn’t do anything with /etc/default/docker. 1. Docker has been insta… Nov 30, 2017 · How to Run Docker on MacOS and Access Remote Insecure Docker Registries for Dev/TestIt's been a while since I looked into running a Docker Registry to the required flag to configure running a The flag also allows for pulling from insecure registries without a need to supply --insecure-registry to the Docker daemon as long as the image stream has an insecure annotation or the tag has an insecure import policy. Though the –insecure-registry flag is in place: DOCKER_OPTS="–insecure-registry myregistrydomain. Create a new secret for use with Docker registries. Pull A Docker Image From The Public Registry. To check run the command below and check the flag next to the experimental entry as shown below. Jun 14, 2018 · 2. com’ if there is no private registry mentioned in the ‘daemon. tmp mv /lib/systemd/system/docker. Registry Password: The password used to login to the Docker registry. Step 4 − Next, tag the image to point your registry − Set Docker Registry University. io tag). Autoscale provides the ability to utilize resources in a more elastic and dynamic way. Traefik 2 reverse proxy with LetsEncrypt and OAuth for Docker services can be quite challenging. npmrc files or other secrets in our Docker builds. search] from registries. On a Windows machine open the daemon. You can provide this information by creating a dockercfg secret and attaching it to your service account. Now, perform steps 2 to 4 from the previous method and validate docker command-line instructions and image build. Open /etc/sysconfig/docker in a text editor. Copy. I can see a decent amount of traffic between dobby and my laptop, ct-tla-win102. registry, you must first download a CA file valid for that server and store it in some well-known directory like ${HOME}/. company. Private Registry Configuration. Relevant here is that the tag starts with the address of the registry server (docker-registry. kubectl create secret docker-registry . SeeDocker Insecure Registry Config. Little helper to run Rancher Lab's k3s in Docker. Please check deploy a plain http registry. Jun 09, 2016 · Before we can interact with the Docker registry from a Docker client, we need to log into the registry. json on Linux or C:\ProgramData\docker\config\daemon. json’ file and pulls the Docker image mentioned in the command and if it finds In case you will use Portus and an SSL secured registry, open the /etc/sysconfig/docker file. But you can solve this problem by putting --insecure-registry while starting docker daemon. docker. This is because the registry is currently running in "dev" flavor that set up DEBUG flag to True by default. docker. Objective: Leverage the Docker TCP socket to e scalate privileges and r etrieve the flag stored in the root directory of the host system! kubectl-create-secret-docker-registry - Man Page. TLS (HTTPS) support. $ oc get svc/docker-registry NAME LABELS SELECTOR IP(S) PORT(S) docker-registry docker-registry=default docker-registry=default 172. Sep 27, 2021 · Enable Experimental Features. For each transaction, such as a create, which queries a registry, the --insecure flag must be specified. Let’s run through each of these. Use the docker tool to log in to Docker Hub. Currently, our CoreOS nodes, local workstations and CI boxes have Docker service running with the --insecure-registry flag. As a result, I add the --no-recreate flag in my docker-compose command. 2 3. 255 Test an insecure registry. In our case, some of these images contained challenge source code and flags. 3. Available as of v1. or it can be done automatically by 2 commands using sed, it will add the line after [Service] sed 's/\ [Service\]/\ [Service\] Environment=DOCKER_OPTS=--insecure-registry=10. net:5000" But when I run docker info I don't see that insecure registry added $ docker info . >>>>>sudo docker push localhost:5000/ubuntu The push refers to a repository [localhost:5000/ubuntu] (len: 1) Sending image list If you run the registry as a container, consider adding the flag -p 443:5000 to the docker run command or using a similar setting in a cloud configuration. io/v1/ Insecure Registries: 127. E. Feb 09, 2017 · Docker secrets is designed to be easily usable by developers and IT ops teams to build and run safer apps. 124. One work-around is to push that pause image to the internal Docker registry, downloaded to each Kubernetes slave, and retagged it (from internal tag artifactrepo1. Education 7 hours ago If you run the registry as a container, consider adding the flag -p 443:5000 to the docker run command or using a similar setting in a cloud configuration. yml should look like: Before you push images to a remote registry, you need to tag them correctly. py to pull images from local registry,the Docker configuration needs to be modified. 22. Below is an example of what your . On your laptop, you must authenticate with a registry in order to pull a private image. But the repository manager does not support the use of the flag, as it generates known bugs and other implementation issues. The -B flag orders the use of the bcrypt algorithm, which Docker requires: Dec 20, 2014 · You should read something like ""docker-registry server"". INSECURE_REGISTRY='--insecure-registry' On an SELinux system, if you remove the --selinux-enabled option, you also need to turn on the docker_transition_unconfined boolean. Search for the parameter DOCKER_OPTS and add --insecure-registry ADDRESS_OF_YOUR_REGISTRY . First of all, to the readers of our Docker media server, Traefik 1 Tutorial, and Traefik Google OAuth In this lab exercise, you are provided a local low privileged user on the Docker server machine. Oct 29, 2020 · Creating Private Registry is useful in a scenario where an organization needs to organize all the custom images privately and does not want to publish it to the public docker registry. host pull registry. When using secure registries, the registries. When the Docker daemon starts inside of the service container, it uses the default configuration. You should also set the hosts option to the list of hostnames that are valid for this registry to avoid trying to get certificates for random hostnames due to malicious clients connecting Mar 01, 2021 · $ docker run -d -p 5000:5000 --name registry registry:2. Select this option to allow insecure connections to the Docker registry. However if you use an internal or self-signed certificate you can either mount a cacerts file which contains your certificate (s) or use the insecure flag to disable Jan 07, 2019 · From your client server, create a small, empty image to push to your new registry, the -i and -t flags give you interactive shell access into the container: docker run -t -i ubuntu /bin/bash. docker version. gitlab-ci. ( https://docs. Nov 04, 2021 · Authenticate to a registry directly via individual login. In Ubuntu, add --insecure-registry 172. Nov 07, 2016 · Hi, I was able to use a local insecure registry in our internal ip-based gitlab. 5 will push the image data with tag 1. 13 Ensure operations on legacy registry (v1) are Disabled. Docker secrets is a container first architecture designed to keep secrets safe and used only when needed by the exact container that needs that secret to operate. You can also open the "/_ping" or "/v1/_ping" path, and read a lot of information about the running environment. conf will be used. If you run the registry as a container, consider adding the flag -p 443:5000 to the docker run command or using a similar setting in a cloud configuration. Pull A Docker Image 2. Sep 26, 2016 · Registry: https://index. Nov 11, 2014 · New version of the docker client does not allow to work with private registry without using SSL. Dec 08, 2017 · So I found the docs around the extended docker configuration options and that’s at least enough to get the insecure registry flag option passed through. Jan 01, 2016 · Improvements: Obviously, we are running an insecure registry at the moment. dind + Charles: > docker Running a docker registry without TLS requires we configure our local docker daemon with the insecure registry flag. The flag also allows for pulling from insecure registries without a need to supply --insecure-registry to the Docker daemon as long as the image stream has an insecure annotation or the tag has an insecure import policy. Fixed behavior in Docker images section thanks to Dagobert Renouf. docker run --privileged -d --name dind-test docker:dind. k3d Dec 31, 2015 · As a workaround, you can specify that Docker should use an insecure registry with a flag. It does not currently support SSL or authentication, which triggers Docker’s “insecure registry” logic. Test an insecure registry. net to gcr. Add the following flag to the end of the OPTIONS declaration. Create a secret for use with a Docker registry. ch/) docker tag sr/test:1. Before enabling, first, we need to check if the feature is enabled or not. In order for the nodes to pull images on your behalf, they have to have the credentials. io but can be specified as part of the images’s name name the Docker way. To pull a Docker image from the public registry, we can use the docker pull command which has the following syntax: The registry to push is by default docker. Now I couldn’t actually get it to work for me, but I’m sure that it will eventually To allow the CLI to interact with an insecure registry, some docker manifest commands have an --insecure flag. This is very insecure and is not recommended. org at port 5000. v1. Dockercfg secrets are used to authenticate against Docker registries. host/image FATA[0004] Error: v1 ping attempt failed with error: Get https://registry. 0-SNAPSHOT docker-registry. Education 3 hours ago Set Docker Registry University. You must Docker Daemon can stand up instances with the --insecure-registry flag to skip validation of a self-signed certificate. Estimated reading time: 4 minutes. 2. Feb 08, 2016 · Installing the all-in-one-VM. Download the all-in-one-vm image and import it into the vagrant box. On GKE, Docker images are usually stored in a private Docker registry provided by the platform. It exposes your registry to trivial man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. Secure registries¶. Jun 08, 2021 · Workaround (successfully tested) : sudo rm -r /etc/docker solves the problem. For HTTPS it expects a publicly trusted certificate (via OpenJDK cacerts) by default. Registry API Key: Not used with Amazon ECS; Allow Insecure Registry Connection: default is false. Jan 21, 2019 · Recommended Way Docker 17. Set IGNORE_TLS in the ‘daemon. Nov 06, 2014 · Run the docker daemon with the insecure flags: sudo docker -d --insecure-registry localhost:5000; Start the `registry` container since it was stopped when the old daemon shutdown. io. To work around this, we run a proxy on each node in the cluster, exposing a port onto the node (via a hostPort), which Docker accepts as “secure”, since it is accessed by localhost. and add here line after [Service] Environment=DOCKER_OPTS=--insecure-registry=10. 5 to the registry docker. Add a service alias. json file located in this path: podman login logs into a specified registry server with the correct username and password. 8. 10:6000/' /lib/systemd/system/docker. Upon startup, K3s will check to see if a registries. ch docker push docker-registry. docker exec -it dind-test /bin/sh. This is done through --insecure-registry flag for docker daemon [2]. If the registry is not specified, the first registry under [registries. 2 days ago · Docker-compose is an useful utility for managing multi-container docker applications. Eric Paris Jan 2015. podman login reads in the username and password from STDIN. May 03, 2016 · INSECURE_REGISTRY='' # On an SELinux system, if you remove the --selinux-enabled option, you # also need to turn on the docker_transition_unconfined boolean. Step 3 − Now, pull the image from Docker hub to your registry − $ docker pull ubuntu:16. This is because docker containers on a bridge network can talk to one another on any port (except on the default bridge network of a docker host). Mar 22, 2021 · You’ll store the authentication file with credentials under ~/docker-registry/auth. Registry 2. What's more you need to do this on every node inside the cluster! Apr 09, 2017 · The private Docker registry. 0 を使ってみる. Docker Registry/Repository (Secure) we are passing environment variables using -e flag for passing the path to the self-signed certificate and the generated key Docker Insecure Registry Config¶ For docker to pull images, it is necessary to modify the Docker configuration. Do we know if these containers will run on win 10 anniv, and is there an alternative method to manually download the containers? Push image to a remote registry. Naming Convention: The naming convention for component versions. For Amazon ECR, use a secret key. We also give our container a name using the --name flag. The -d flag will run the container in detached mode. -e, --env = [] Specify a key-value pair for an environment variable to set into each container. ralscha. 04 The above command pulls the ubuntu:16. json' configuration file. Oct 10, 2021 · How do you configure Docker engine to use a registry that is not configured with TLS certificates from a trusted CA? A . Create it by running: mkdir ~/docker-registry/auth Navigate to it: cd ~/docker-registry/auth Create the first user, replacing username with the username you want to use. Step 2: Log in to the container using exec. 2. Verify that docker-credential-gcloud can be executed: docker-credential-gcloud list. dig a registry-1. The purpose of this blog post is to help you past the problems so you experience the joy of setting up and having your own private docker registry at little to no cost (depending on if you want to purchase SSL certs or not. 7. Set and export the IGNORE_TLS environment variable on the command line. io: $ docker login Login with your Docker ID to push and pull images from Docker Hub. ch/test docker login docker-registry. For information about Docker Hub, which offers a hosted registry with additional features such as teams, organizations, web hooks, automated builds, etc, see Docker Hub. 220 5000/TCP You can use an existing server certificate, or create a key and server certificate valid for specified IPs and host names, signed by a specified CA. ) The email address is optional. Then in our MySQL connection settings, we can use: DB_HOST=172. Check out our documentation to learn more about these and all the flags for the docker run command. cloudapp. d/ REGISTRY_ADDRESS and Nov 19, 2021 · To push images to local registry, use --registry flag like thefollowing command: To trigger build. 以前は、 docker-registry を利用してPrivate Docker Regisryを作っていましたが、 Registry 2. If a competitor was able to pull these images, they would easily be able to extract the flags from them. The -p flag publishes port 5000 on your local machine’s network. If you use a container registry with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) or another Kubernetes cluster, see Scenarios to authenticate Docker Registry List University. 0 の発表をもってdocker-registryがDeprecatedとなりました。. json file, which is located in /etc/docker/ on Linux by default. This in-depth docker tutorial will show you how to set up a Docker Home Server with Traefik 2, LetsEncrypt, and OAuth. Likewise, there's some minimal traffic going to a couple AWS addresses - that seem to match the A records of registry-1. host/v1/_ping: EOF. Dec 28, 2020 · Containers can interact with both Docker Registry HTTP API V1 and V2 in the following manner: V1 over HTTP (unsecured, plain HTTP registry) You can freely search this kind of registry, but you must manually configure each Docker host with the --insecure-registry flag to provision containers based on images from insecure registries. Overview: I have an instance of Ubuntu 14. docker-compose up -d --scale api=2 --no- . So, for configuring insecure registries, do the following: Set the following flag in the daemon. setsebool -P docker_transition_unconfined 1 Location used for temporary files, such as those created by docker load and build operations. The same works fine with flexbuild_ls1028a_bsp0. 04 better way is edit systemd service. 10:6000. 168. The file /etc/default/docker didn’t exist though, so I created it myself… don’t know if it does anything if it didn’t exist yet?! Oct 03, 2015 · Running a docker registry (insecure or otherwise) Quote; In the case of HTTPS, if you have access to the registry's CA certificate, no need for the flag; simply The private registry runs as a Pod in your cluster. Deploy a registry server. We need to delete existing Minikube cluster before start the new cluster with --insecure-registry flag. service. /lib/systemd/system/docker. tmp Feb 06, 2017 · 2017-02-06 13:23. Mar 16, 2021 · Docker Desktop doesn't list the pods in these containers in its UI, but they're there! If you want to see these containers listed in the Containers/Apps section of Docker Desktop, enable the Show System Containers (Advanced) checkbox in Settings. 11 netmask 255. The guide assumes that the IP of the machine running Docker registry is 172. 1 - 10/31/2014. Jun 10, 2020 · Cool Tip: Pull an image from Docker Registry! Read More → Docker Login Command. yml image: docker:latest services: - docker:dind stages: - build variables: CONTAINER_TEST_IMAGE: 10 May 10, 2016 · Is there any workaround to allow setting of the 'insecure-registry' flag, or to import the certifactes into the underlying vm? Jul 26, 2017 · However, there’s a catch: HTTP based registry is only available from localhost, so if we need to make it available within the whole cluster, we need HTTPS and therefore – a trusted SSL certificate (I don’t want to use insecure-registries Docker Engine flag or whatever it’s called now). This page contains information about hosting your own registry using the open source Docker Registry. Containerd can be configured to connect to private registries and use them to pull private images on the node. First stop the docker daemon by using sudo service docker stop then start it using following command sudo docker -d --insecure-registry & Set INSECURE_REGISTRY in the '/etc/docker/default' configuration file Answer : Pass the '--insecure-registry' flag to the daemon at run time Publishing a service's port using the routing mesh makes the service accessible at the published port on every swarm node. For some OS (such as OpenSuse for example) an error can arise in case the docker client is configured to work against an HTTP registry. Log in to Docker Hub. The intent of this project is to allow Web developers and other interested parties to run OpenShift V3 on their own Apr 19, 2020 · April 19, 2020 by Anand. yaml file must include information about the certificates. If this private registry supports only HTTP or HTTPS with an unknown CA certificate, please add `--insecure-registry registry. service > /lib/systemd/system/docker. Edit the daemon. . The recommended way is to use the platform-independent daemon. This image is based off of OpenShift Origin and is a fully functioning OpenShift instance with an integrated Docker registry. Before you can push your images, you will need to log into Docker Hub. # setsebool -P docker_transition_unconfined 1 # Location used for temporary files, such as those created by # docker load and build operations. In an earlier version of Docker where Boot2Docker was used, I ended up finding I could run the following command to use an insecure registry (yes, I know this is dangerous but it’s an internal registry and not accessible to the outside world). Jun 07, 2015 · Docker Registry 2. 3. When creating applications, you may have a Docker registry that requires authentication. Aug 01, 2018 · $ sudo systemctl show docker | grep Env Environment=DOCKER_OPTS=--insecure-registry="hostname. --field-manager ="kubectl-set" Name of the manager used to track field ownership. json’ configuration file. Apr 15, 2015 · docker --insecure-registry registry. json file, whose default location is /etc/docker/daemon. 04 image from Docker Hub. An attacker can access insecure private registry remotely using the docker registry HTTP API to enumerate the list of repositories in the private registry. com:5000". Using a Docker-in-Docker image from your Container Registry. docker login You will need to supply your Docker ID credentials when prompted. See the list above for relevant tags. First stop the docker daemon by using sudo service docker stop then start it using following command sudo docker -d --insecure-registry & Jun 26, 2018 · In the meantime multi-stage builds allow us to securely use . On linux, there is a file that allows you add DOCKER_OPTS… not sure where that lives on the native mac version… justincormack (Justin Cormack) April 6, 2016, 10:24am docker registry/repository (insecure) docker secure registry; flags= 4163 <UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 inet 192. Synopsis. If you edit the /etc/sysconfig/docker configuration file while the docker service is running, you must restart the service to make the The --restart = always flag restarts the registry automatically when Docker restarts. 30. yml file. That’s something on our TODO list of things to fix. Nov 19, 2021 · Description I want to scale my docker container without recreating the existing one. The Docker Engine must reload configuration information if any changes are made to the Docker configuration. Nov 23, 2015 · Goal: To have a private, insecure v2 registry available internally for the development of a POC. Also, where do I store the the self-signed tls cert? Edit: Add build test screen Edit2: sample . Don't worry, production server won't expose anything. You may want to configure a registry mirror for performance improvements and to ensure you don’t reach Docker Hub rate limits. Set IGNORE_TLS in the 'daemon. As support for this protocol has already been removed from the Docker daemon, this flag is in the process of being deprecated. The service in the . The username and password can also be set using the username and password flags. Dec 21, 2016 · In the next section we’ll show how the insecure-registry flag can be easily injected to the dind daemon so that Docker doesn’t complain about the insecure connection. If client strategy, only print the object that would be sent, without sending it. g. From defining apps and secrets with Docker Compose through an IT admin Feb 24, 2015 · New version of the docker client does not allow to work with private registry without using SSL. Estimated reading time: 18 minutes. How Pull Command works in Docker? When we run the pull command from the command line, it first checks locally or on the host for the images and if the image does not exist locally then the Docker daemon connects to the public registry ‘hub. You should see a JSON object with your target registry as one of its keys. Education 2 hours ago Configuring a registry Docker Documentation. 81:4000 to DOCKER_OPTS in /etc/default/docker. Only use this solution for isolated testing or in a tightly controlled, air-gapped environment. Some adjustments thanks to feedback from Jose Romero. Docker considers a private registry either secure or insecure. 0. xx + There are a number of ways to configure the daemon flags and environment variables for your Docker daemon. Deploy to a server from the pushed image. corp. If server strategy, submit server-side request without persisting the resource. Mar 19, 2017 · As we can see the docker names, number of stars, and whether a Docker is official or not. May 18, 2016 · If you want to run your own Docker Registry using registry-v2 this post is for you! Its pretty simple but there are a few gotchas you need to know about. The registry:2 is defined as an image. Description. This warning is fixed by the "disable-legacy-registry": true line in the daemon configuration file. You can append extra CLI flags to the dind service to set the registry mirror: Nov 18, 2021 · Ensure that Docker is configured to use gcloud as a Container Registry credential helper by running the following command: gcloud auth configure-docker. 0/8. host ` to the daemon ' s arguments. Docker Tip #50: Running an Insecure Docker Registry Running an insecure registry isn't recommended but sometimes it's the easiest and most reasonable solution. json file: { "insecure-registries": ["registry:8443"] } Restart Docker $ sudo systemctl restart docker That's it! This procedure configures Docker to entirely disregard security for your registry. Oct 13, 2021 · To do this exercise, you need the docker command line tool, and a Docker ID for which you know the password. io: 1. gitlab. docker start registry; and. test. 81. Mar 26, 2021 · The insecure registry capability in the Docker Engine - Enterprise component of Docker Enterprise must be disabled. json on Windows For me in Ubuntu 20. This application can connect over HTTP or HTTPS to a Docker Registry. Using any flag with the word insecure in it should be viewed with a healthy amount of skepticism! An orchestration engine must be told where the registry is. This disables an insecure legacy image registry protocol. Updated frontsmatter. Added --insecure_registry flag thanks to Bjoern Neuhaus. Here's how to do it. . 1 Reloading or Restarting the Docker Engine. – Allow Unsecure Connections Windows and OS X Since we have exposed the private Docker registry on a plain HTTP endpoint, we need to configure the Docker daemon(s) that will act as client(s) to the private Docker registry as to allow for Dec 16, 2015 · For the insecure repository to be usable inside the cluster you still need to tell docker that. GitLab Runner can autoscale, so that your infrastructure contains only as many build instances as are necessary at any time. If the feature is not enabled follow the steps below. Education 2 hours ago Configuring a registry Docker Documentation. 04 LTS Server tipped up in an OpenStack private cloud. See the log in section of Docker ID accounts for more information. Docker Machine Executor autoscale configuration. This flag tells the CLI that this registry call may ignore security concerns like missing or self-signed certificates. org:5000/data:1. Nov 11, 2020 · Figure 2: iftop results. Fixed typo thanks to Phillip Kent. Oct 13, 2021 · Minikube allows users to configure the docker engine’s --insecure-registry flag. Jan 16, 2017 · However, each corporate may have its own internal Docker registry with vetted Docker images that you can push to and pull from. To use your own Docker images for Docker-in-Docker, follow these steps in addition to the steps in the Docker-in-Docker section: Update the image and service to point to your registry. By default, if you don’t specify a private registry, the docker login command will try to log in to a Docker Hub’s public registry located at https://registry-1. Updated Boot2Docker section for 1. In the production environment when using the SSL secured registry with Portus, add CA certificates to the directory /etc/docker/certs. yaml file exists at /etc/rancher/k3s/ and instruct containerd to use any registries defined in the file. 1. Add the insecure registry flag to the Docker configuration file. Apr 05, 2016 · hello, i would create a machine with a > --engine-insecure-registry flag. After it finishes downloading you’ll be inside a Docker prompt, note that your container ID following root@ will vary. Pass the '--insecure-registry' flag to the daemon at run time. npmrc files in Docker images date from before multi-stage builds in May 2017. In fact, this is the main downside with the Kubernetes support in Docker Desktop. I tried setting up a double proxy (2 chained registry proxies between dockerhub), but it appears there is no flag in the registry:2 container environment to allow an insecure TLS REGISTRY_PROXY_REMOTEURL. Answer : Pass the '--insecure-registry' flag to the daemon at run time. By default, registries are considered secure. Also a configuration management issue. Fixed typo thanks to Nasser Alshammari. Nov 23, 2015 · Skipping TLS means each docker daemon in the host pool must be run in –insecure-registry mode. It's also useful when your application already has the Dockerfile that can be used to create and test an image: docker build -t my-image dockerfiles/ docker run my-image /script/to/run/tests docker tag my-image my-registry:5000/my-image docker push my-registry:5000/my-image Aug 01, 2019 · Docker Hub is the default public registry for Docker images. For example, if you want to use images from the secure registry running at https://my. Applications and container orchestrators can perform unattended, or "headless," authentication by using an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) service principal. com/registry/insecure/) Jan 30, 2017 · The official Docker documentation says to add the --insecure-registry flag to your docker engine’s configuration file and restart the daemon but doesn’t give the precise commands for RHEL7, so here they are. docker insecure registry flag

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